Preschool Teacher Resume Cover Letter

Write a preschool teacher resume cover letter to introduce you and what you can offer the schools – it is an absolute “must-do.” Since the administrator, hiring manager, or recruiter doesn’t yet know you, a cover letter will allow you to showcase your personality a bit and also help them “connect the dots” with regards to how your qualifications can benefit their students. The following tips will help you write a professional preschool teaching cover letter that is sure to please.



8 Tips for Writing a Preschool Teacher Cover Letter


  1. Don’t be tempted by the easiest options. The only acceptable shortcut you should be taking when writing your cover letter is the use of a template, to get the structure of the letter right. You should never write just one cover letter and send it out to more than one employer, as it will be obvious to your reader that you weren’t thinking of their school and their needs when you wrote it.


  1. Set aside thirty minutes to an hour for each letter. Any less and you’re likely leaving errors or not providing any worthwhile detail. Once you get rolling and learn how to properly target each letter, you may find that you can whip them together quickly – however, don’t give yourself a time limit and later expect the finished product to be quality.


  1. Use one single font and make it the same font as you used to write your resume. The font you use to write your cover letter will not only make it easier for your hiring manager to read, but it will also indicate other things like maturity and professionalism. Using funky fonts or a mixture of fonts can confuse those who read your cover letter and give them the wrong impression of you (Use 10-12 point Times New Roman, Arial, or Liberation – Sans Serif.)


  1. Keep your preschool teacher resume cover letter ‘compact’ and make every word count. There is a lot of steps that an administrator has to follow before they hire you, and the last thing they want to is to spend twenty minutes to read your covering letter before they even get to your resume (Hint: if they’re hit with a wall of text when they first glance at your letter, they likely won’t read it at all.) A covering letter won’t exceed a page in length, and should be no more than four paragraphs, preferably three.


  1. Don’t rehash your resume. Talk about one or two of your qualifications, or make references to happy parents and/or students that you’ve encountered in your career (if experienced) or school studies (if entry level.) Recruiters and hiring managers frequently complain about the pointless cover letters they get, which don’t tell them anything about the teaching candidate that they couldn’t read by scanning the attached resume. Make your cover letter count, by telling the reader something compelling that adds more weight to your job application, rather than simply adding time-consuming redundancies the reader will have to sift through.


  1. A cover letter for preschool teacher jobs should be heavily needs-based. Not your needs, mind you, but rather the school or day care facilities needs. Your resume states all of your qualifications in list and bullet form, but your cover letter should help the reader match your qualifications up with the responsibilities they have set aside for their teachers. Read the job description carefully and do some research on the facility to find something unique that you can offer to the school and their students. Think outside the box and list special skills you can offer, such as teaching the children basic sign language – or access to educational facilities such as farms, science centers, businesses that you can take the kids to, etc.


  1. Have a friend proofread your cover letter for errors. No school is going to waste their time calling you for an interview if your cover letter or resume reads like something the grammar police would put you in jail for!


  1. Find a template or a preschool teacher cover letter sample to get started on the right foot. As mentioned earlier: this is the only shortcut you should take advantage of.


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