Dental Assistant Resume Cover Letter

How to Write a Dental Assistant Resume Cover Letter


The cover letter has been given a bad rap in the last decade or so. This is mainly due to the fact that many job applicants out there lack creativity, insisting on attaching thoughtless cover letters to their resumes which lack any form of proper targeting. After you’ve written your dental assistant resume cover letter, it should make the person reading it feel as if you took the extra time to write a covering letter that is specific to the position they offer – and that you’ve done some due-diligence and researched their company, rather than blindly handing a resume to them.


See the useful tips provided below, to help you write an attention-grabbing dental assistant resume cover letter that will help you get hired – rather than frustrate the poor person who has to read dozens of boring job applications.


Tips for Writing a Cover Letter for a Dental Assisting Position:


  • Personal Information: Write your personal information at the top of your cover letter. Include your name, address, and phone number in the same way you wrote this info on the resume that will attach to it.


  • Greeting: Use a greeting that would be considered appropriate for sending a correspondence to a company who doesn’t know you. Make double sure that you know the name of the recipient of the cover letter, so the letter doesn’t come off as impersonal – E.g., “Dear Mr./Ms. ____,” or “Dear Full Name,”


  • Introduction: Use the first paragraph of a targeted dental assistant resume cover letter to state your full name, why you want to work for their dental practice, and how you found out about the job.


  • Sell Yourself: The following paragraph will tell the employer why you’re qualified to work for them (E.g., education level, experience, unique abilities, etc.) Don’t be bashful, tell the reader why you’re the best darned person for the job!


  • Request in-person interview: The final section of your cover letter for dental assisting is where you’ll make a specific request for an in-person interview. Mention that you plan to contact their office a couple of days after they receive your application (make sure you do this step, it’s important to show how motivated you are to work for them.) Also state your contact phone number and a time you’re able to be reached at.


  • Closing: Close your nearly completed dental assistant resume cover letter with a professional salutation such as: Thank you, Regards, Sincerely, Warm Regards, or Anxiously Anticipating Your Call. The closing salutation should always have a comma after it, and your name needs to be typed three spaces below – the space left between your close and name is reserved for a digital (for email) or handwritten (for paper submission) signature.
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