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Writing an effective Bank Teller Resume


This page has been provided for those of you seeking help with a bank teller resume. Many of you will be  looking for entry-level work; but experienced tellers can also make use of this information, to make sure their resume has the proper flow and content.


Working as a bank teller is the entry-point for many higher-paying careers in a bank. Once you learn all the “ins” and “outs” about dealing with customers and protecting their private information, you can move up through the ranks of the business. There will always be variety of positions available in upper-management to keep your career moving along. We’ve provided this walk-through page to help you write a bank teller resume that will get you noticed by bank managers and recruiters.


Sections that you must include in your bank teller resume are: Personal Details, Objective, Related Experience, and Skills Summary. Do away with the traditional “References” section – when you’re asked about references, have a separate document prepared with all your positive references. If you need some formatting hints; look for samples or templates of other resumes as a point of reference, so you don’t stress over the details too much.


Personal Details


There’s nothing complicated about completing this section of your bank teller resume. Simply put your name, address, city/state/zip code, and phone number at the top of the document:




Teresa Boulder

1428 Rue Blanche

Glendale, CA 90394

(545) 546-2144





The objective for your bank teller resume should state the job position you’re applying for, along with 2 or 3 abilities or skills you bring to the position. You should always perform some basic research about the bank you’re seeking employment with, so you can find out the key qualities they define as important for an employee in their organization (E.g., customer service, math, communication skills, motivation, career-driven, previous experience, etc.)


If in doubt, look on the bank’s website for their mission statement, then match your skills to their philosophies:


Sample Bank Teller Resume “Objective”


“Customer-focused individual, wishing to fill the Entry-Level Bank CSR position in your bank. My goal, when dealing with customers, is to provide a 100% satisfaction rate – while meeting all the metrics that are set out by the branch manager and corporate offices.”



Related Experience


You could also choose the headings “Experience” (also “Banking Experience”) or “Background” (also “Banking Background”) – etc. Don’t worry if your experience isn’t directly related: You can state jobs where you completed similar duties or used transferable skills that would be useful to a bank teller.


Any job you’ve held that required you to use abilities such as: customer service, analytical skills, math, computer applications, accurately following instructions, protecting sensitive information, etc. – would all be considered valuable skills that should be included on an entry level bank teller resume. Experienced bank tellers would include their direct experience only, and leave related experience off the resume.


Sample “Related Experience” for a Bank Teller Resume


2008-2010                   Service Manager                    Bootlegger Clothing Inc.

  • Provided information about the cost of clothing, alterations, special orders, etc.
  • Recorded customer information for warranties, discount pricing, and promotional mailings.
  • Dealt with irate customers – was rewarded many times for my ability to calm tense customers, resulting in promotion to manager after 3 months working for the company.



Skills Summary


Use this section to detail all of your “soft” and “hard” skills. Soft skills are transferable from one job to the next (communication, math, working with others, dealing with authority, etc.) Hard skills are those that are learned on the job (banking software, balancing accounts, industry knowledge, supervisory skills, etc.)


The best way to display your skills is through the use of a bullet list of 5-15 skills that you can offer to the company. Use the “column” feature on your word processor to condense several bullet points into smaller space.


Sample “Skills Summary” for a Bank Teller Resume


  • Advanced knowledge of banking software: Probanx, Avaloq, iBank, and IGG.
  • Solid communication skills.
  • Extreme attention-to-detail.
  • Very pleasant mannerism.
  • Able to work on a team.





Educational requirements will vary from one bank to another. Make sure you read the job advertisement to make sure you meet the hiring criteria set out by the bank you’re applying to. Some banks will only require a high-school diploma (if you exhibit several of the qualities they’re looking for) – others will want a college or university-level degree before considering you for employment.


Sample “Education” For a Bank Teller Resume


            2006-2008                   UCLA Business Campus

  • Graduated Business Administration – with honors.
  • Graduated Accounting – undergraduate degree.
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