Accounting Resume Objective

How to Write an Accounting Resume Objective


An effective accounting resume objective needs to quickly summarize the best of what you have to offer the company you wish to work for. This summary should be no more than three sentences in length, and should touch on qualities such as: work experience, education, your skill set and/or knowledge of the business your employer (or clients) work in.


Read the paragraphs below for ideas about how to write an objective for entry level positions, along with tips about preparing an accountant resume objective for positions that require a higher level of professional experience (E.g., corporate accountant, private accountant, management accountant, etc.) Objective examples are also provided to help you through the writing process.


Entry Level Accounting Resume Objective


Entry level positions will require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in accounting, with preference given to applicants that have a master’s degree in accounting, or a similar field. Since your experience is limited, you should open the objective statement by stating your degree, then follow with any related experience that you have and a couple of qualities you bring to the job that you’re applying for. Include power words, or power phrases for maximum impact on the person reading it (E.g., driven, energetic, reliable, team player, self-starter, results-oriented, critical thinker, etc.)


Sample Entry Level Accountant Objectives:


“Energetic, self-starter; with a master’s degree in accounting, seeks to fill your posting for an entry level accountant. I’m reliable, punctual, and able to use Simply Accounting, Quickbooks, and Intuit software with ease. My team work skills and professionalism will be a huge asset to your current team.”


“Accounting graduate with a bachelor’s degree; able to immediately fill your need for a small business accountant. I’m proficient with all popular accounting systems, and recently completed a three month placement working as an accounting assistant with a Fortune 500 company.”


Professional Accounting Resume Objective


You want to convey that you’re a competent professional who can seamlessly integrate into the position. Experience (and results) will be more appealing to the person reading your resume than your level of education, so make your professional objective statement “results oriented.” You can mention your degree if you must, but try to mention a significant highlight you’ve had in your career thus far, along with any unique abilities you have to offer.


Sample Professional Accountant Resume Objectives:


“Highly experienced accountant, with over ten years of experience working in both public, and private sector jobs. When I’m hired as your Account Auditor, I will use my experience organizing and conducting audits to ensure all of your subsidiaries are in compliance with current government standards.”


“Career-driven team player able to fill your posting for a corporate accounting department manager. Ten years of experience working in accounting departments, and five years of supervisory experience will allow me to take control of your accounting team, and improve the company’s financial practices.”


Best of Luck!


Good luck with your job hunting efforts! Devote 20-30 minutes of your time to writing your accounting resume objective (along with other included sections,) and always proofread your resume at least two times for grammar, spelling, and proper structure.

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