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We Make the Resume Writing Process Easier!

 We’ve put together several pages of helpful information to show you how to make a resume, with a minimum level of frustration. You’ll find several pages filled with information about writing  a resume for nearly any career you can imagine – along with free, easy to read resume examples and tips on how to use the right words to get your message across.

 When you have a comfortable job that gets your bills paid on time every month, writing a resume seems like a pretty straight-forward process: You write down the jobs you’ve had, your education and skills… it’s easy right?…

… Wrong! – It might be easy to recount your experiences and the different skills that you’ve picked up over the years, but putting together a resume that stands out amongst hundreds, or even thousands of others is no easy task. In order for resumes to be effective, they need to have a certain degree of salesmanship built into them. Most of us use resume samples and templates to get the process started, but there’s so much more information you need to take into account.


The True Purpose of a Resume


Most of us look at a resume as a way to get a job. Unfortunately, that’s the worst mindset you can have. A resume is your first point of contact between you and the person (recruiter, manager, etc.) that has the power to either grant you an interview, or dismiss it and move on to the next person… and you have a maximum of one minute to get their attention.  That’s why you can’t look at your resume as a way to land a job; you’re writing the resume so you can get an interview, which may result in a job offer – if it’s written properly! 

Resume Tip #1 – Write it Like You’re Selling a Product!

You need to look at resume writing like you’re selling a product. That “product” is YOU and nobody is going to buy what you’re selling if you don’t provide unique value to the company that’s doing the hiring. The person reading thousands of resumes for any given position, needs to see that they’re getting the best bang for their buck

– Writing a resume that looks like it was written for a mass audience, rather than being targeted to the organization that’s reading it, will quickly find it’s way to the filing cabinet or the recycle bin.


Resume Tip #2 – Be Honest!


You can’t “sneak” your way into a job interview by embellishing anymore. We all know someone who has gotten an amazing job by telling tall tales, but these days employers actually do check your references to make sure you are in fact the “goose that laid the golden egg” if you tell them so. Many people fabricate details from their background to look more appealing, when in fact they have more than adequate skills to win the job by telling the truth! – they just need the right information and know the right words to make their qualifications stand out.


Easy to Find Answers to all the Important Questions


In order to catch the attention of recruiters you need to know: What should be included? What shouldn’t be included?  How specific should you be about your abilities and career accomplishments? How long is too long? – etc. These are the little details that can make writing resumes frustrating. You already know everything there is to know about your background and what you have to offer: We simply take the guesswork out of how to get inside the heads of recruiters without boring them with needless information.


We’ll Teach You How to Make a Resume That’s Appealing


Most people agonize about how they want the resume to look, what fancy fonts to use, what to bold, underline, etc. Those are all important things to consider – but the information you present to recruiters is really the real foundation of a good resume. You won’t have any trouble finding a resume template that’s geared toward the job you’re applying for, and the resume samples we’ve provided will show you how to write a resume that doesn’t alienate the reader!


A resume that’s easy to read will be no more than two pages, and use a single font that doesn’t strain the reader’s eyes such as: Times New Roman, Arial, Liberation, or Verdana. Sub-headings that absolutely must be included are: Objective, Background, Skills, Qualifications, etc. Your headings should be in bold for easy reference, and bullet points need to be used generously to highlight your achievements. A resume with the right combination of visual appeal and proper keyword usage has 30-60 seconds to grab the recruiters attention (as mentioned above)  – a cluttered, overly-complicated resumes won’t make it past 5 seconds before being discarded!


How to Write a Resume For Modern Audiences 

Over the last decade, hiring practices have changed in a big way, and we all have modern technology to thank for that. In the past you could write a resume in ten minutes, hand it in, and expect a phone call rather quickly. The economy has left us with a huge imbalance in the ratio of the number of applicants available vs. the number of jobs available.

This is great for businesses, since many of them get hundreds, or thousands of resumes to choose from for each job they post. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for job seekers, because you have to understand the hiring process, to make sure your resume is seen by human eyes: Almost all medium and large companies use computerized scanning software to narrow down the list of resumes they have to read manually. We’ve taken this modern approach to hiring into account for you, and each guide you read will tell you how to make a resume by using keywords that get you past the computerized screening process. 

Take a Look Around – We’ve Provided You With Tons of Information!


There is more than enough information to get you started, and lots of tips and tricks to get your resume noticed. You can easily find a page about writing resumes that are specific to your career, or a resume template that makes it easy to get the look and feel you want. We have more information than you’ll ever need about the modern hiring practices, keyword usage – and how to follow up with recruiters after you send them your resume. Take a look around, and thanks for stopping in!